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Post-consumer wood waste is one of the key biomass streams in Flanders. Every year, households and businesses produce approx. 600,000 tonnes of this waste. The Belgian Materials Decree stipulates that woody residues are to be used in material applications as much as possible before resorting to energy recovery. However, with the knowledge and techniques we currently have, the diverse physical and chemical properties of post-consumer wood waste present significant challenges to Flemish processors.

OPT-I-SORT investigates optimal collection and sorting methods for post-consumer wood waste recycling in a technical and economic sense. It examines, field tests and evaluates several scenarios in cooperation with collectors, sorters and users of post-consumer wood waste. The project’s value-based approach aims to find solutions that create sustainable value for all links in the chain.


This project aims to encourage and facilitate the implementation of a closed timber cycle: better sorting and recycling of wood waste allows timber to remain in the cycle longer. The project contributes significantly to the Flemish wood industry’s transition into a more sustainable business sector in the green circular economy. Specifically, it aims to close the timber cycle, use wood waste to reduce dependence on imports and allow the timber industry to strengthen its leading role in materials technology. By collaborating with the entire chain, this project also contributes to a smart business model that creates win-win situations in every link.

The results of the project will significantly help face the specific challenges in society presented by environmental and energy technology innovation platform MIP: a) sparing use of raw materials, b) maximum reduction of waste streams and c) the creation of intelligent/integrated material and energy networks.





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